Download 2000 Sarajevo Tournament Book (first 5 rounds only ) PDF

Read or Download 2000 Sarajevo Tournament Book (first 5 rounds only ) PDF

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The mate with Q at a1 is by no means on the surface, for one must discover the threat of 2 Q×d5, and Qf3 looks most promising. The problem possesses, in my opinion, more true artistic merit than many of its more heavily-built rivals. I may add that it is my conclusion, based upon critical observation, that it requires some courage to give a proper rating to certain problems, because of the idea being handled in a masterly manner. The idea may be so clean cut, so thoroughly finished, and rendered with the minimum of force, that these give it an appearance—or produce an effect—which may be mistaken for simplicity.

Loosely constructed. The presence of the three Pawns on the a file might have been avoided by transferring the entire position one square to the left. NDWdWD} {DWdwdWDW} {rdW)wDWD} {DWiWdKDw} {wDwdwDWd} {dB0wdWdW} {WDNDPDWD} {DWDWGWdW} vllllllllV Mate in 2 moves Having freely criticised the problems, I expect that this method of making a report may be looked upon as a departure from the beaten path commonly pursued by judges, and attract notice and provoke comment, doubtless both favourable and adverse.

Fairness to the contestants demands, in my opinion, that a judge state his reasons for his award; the contestant has thus the satisfaction of knowing, to some extent, how thoroughly his work has been sifted, and is thereby saved a good deal of guess-work, inward remonstrance and perhaps open protest. It may also serve as a benefit to composers—at least the younger ones—by showing them the weaknesses and shortcomings of their work, and thus materially assist their progress in composition. Lastly, providing his work is thoroughly done, this method of making awards also furnishes a justification of the judge, and shields him against suspicion of bias, narrowness and negligence.

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