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However, there are methods of persuasion other than praise, modest rewards, and cheesy comments. For quick and effective techniques, whether in negotiations or help in an emergency or getting the odd favor or two, think about putting your foot in the door, understanding groupthink, and realizing why it really is better to give than to receive. GIVING THE PERFECT INTERVIEW Just how do you go about trying to persuade someone to offer you a job? ” The man thinks for a moment, then replies, “I am perfect for you.

This is clearly helpful for those who have been unfortunate enough to experience real trauma in their lives, but can the same idea also be used to promote everyday happiness? Three different, but related, bodies of research suggest that that this is indeed the case. The Gratitude Attitude One of the most important writing techniques for boosting happiness revolves around the psychology of gratitude. Present an individual with a constant sound, image, or smell, and something very peculiar happens.

However, give them the same wonderful experience time and again and they quickly become familiar with their new source of joy and so cease to derive anywhere near as much pleasure from it. Unfortunately, circumstantial changes frequently produce hedonistic habituation. Although the initial thrill of a new house, a raise, or a new car is wonderful, the positive feelings caused by the change tend to be the same day after day, and so the initial enjoyment quickly fades away. In contrast, intentional changes tend to avoid hedonistic habituation by creating a constantly changing psychological landscape.

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