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FOR extra This booklet, exposes the beautiful fact approximately the US and its reference to 666, which the reader will research, represents not anything greater than funds. the yankee Dream of prosperity is unmasked because the nice engine designed to serve the elite and satisfy their egocentric wishes. not just does the e-book provide an easy clarification of each bankruptcy and verse of Revelation, however it additionally discloses the reality approximately the US, human nature, and the truth of the realm during which we are living. significant but uncomplicated reasons depart the reader without doubt as to how and why the yank empire is destroying the environment and peace at an alarming fee. become aware of the potential through which robust firms, banks, and governments strengthen the worldwide empire via “determining the price of goods and human existence” whereas they “acquire riches…leaving the bulk impoverished, unequal and unhappy.” most significantly, an answer of ways we will be able to swap the realm is given in plainness.

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There is no inward battle taking place, nor constant yearning to know oneself or be known of others. They see others as they see themselves—unique and distinct individuals fulfilling the measure of their creation. This self-awareness creates a calmness that is not affected by anything outside of the self. In patience, they wait for others to stop fighting, end the wars, and see what they have seen all along—we are all so different, which makes us all the same. Patience is best defined as the ability to tolerate being provoked or 34 666 The Mark of America, Seat of the Beast annoyed without complaint or loss of temper, and the ability to endure waiting or delay without becoming upset—persevering calmly when faced with difficulties.

Profit is the monetary worth that remains after the value of the ninety-nine has been subtracted from the value of the one. To increase the sum of this insensitive equation, the value of either the one or the ninety-nine must be decreased proportionally to obtain the desired amount of profit. Since corporations and foundations have replaced the one, or better, the ones have become the corporations and foundations (and most business laws protect and secure the value of the person founding these entities), only one determinant is left to be lowered to increase the overall profit.

These ramifications are the penalties, punishments, woes, and consequences of opposing goodness and happiness. Though many humans believe that these consequences are part of the essence and penalties of a just God; a righteous Creator cannot violate the very purpose for which He exists—to provide happiness for His creations. Therefore, it can be said that the “wrath of God” is nothing more than the non-intervention of more advanced and intelligent Beings (who could help, but choose not to), which allows the actions of free-willed beings, who are learning by their own experience about the hell they are creating for themselves.

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