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This pocket-sized alphabetical consultant introduces the diversity of phenomena studied in phonology and the most theoretical frameworks for undertaking phonological research. The entries are a concise and transparent evaluation of 1 of the most parts in linguistic research.

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Affricates are often said to be contour segments, since they consist of a stop closure followed by a fricative release. Prenasalised stops are also often analysed as contour segments. Pre-aspirated stops in some languages may be analysed this way too. contrastive function see phoneme contrastive stress A term used to refer to the placement of tonics to highlight a contrast. The ‘neutral’ or unmarked tonic placement in the sentence John went to the pub would have the tonic on pub, since it is the last lexical item.

Cognitive Relating to cognition. Those who support a cognitive view of phonology argue that phonology is about investigating certain mental states and processes, such as phonological representations understood as representations in the mind. On this view, the study of phonological representations and processes is a part of cognitive science. 30 A GLOSSARY OF PHONOLOGY cognitive science The science of mental states and processes. Many believe that it is possible to gain scientific understanding of at least some aspects of the human mind.

Dell, François A French phonologist who works in the tradition of generative phonology. In the early 1970s, Dell approached the phonology of French from the perspective of SPE phonology. He is also known for his later work on the phonology of the Berber language. With Nick Clements, he runs a phonology research laboratory in Paris. dental Sounds which are dental involve an articulation between the tip of the tongue and the upper teeth. An example is the voiceless dental fricative at the end of the English word teeth: [ti:θ].

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