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Miscommunication… worker clash… paintings ethic debates… Loyalty matters… various want and desires… while you're a supervisor, human assets specialist, or enterprise proprietor, you're confronted with a lot of these concerns on a daily basis. yet why? simply because at the moment, there are 5 generations within the place of work: Radio infants (born in the course of 1930-1945); child Boomers (1946-1964); iteration X (1965-1976); new release Y (1977-1991); even a few Millennials (1991 and later).

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They can also be photographed, and by use of two cameras stereoscopic photographs can be obtained, by means of which the path of the particle in space can be accurately investigated. This method has proved invaluable not only for counting the particles, but also for the study of the fate of the individual particles during their flight. With the aid of this method sudden changes in the direction of the tracks have been detected, and these have led to important conclusions about the collisions occurring between the particles and gas molecules (see Fig.

Cf. p. ) is * way as the * half-value period' to Chap. 4 6-6 4-65 5-26 8-8 10-8 9-46 6-8 10-8 9-5 TABLE 11 Absorption Coefficients of different ft- Rays in Air and in Carbon Dioxide (at 1 atmos. ), arranged in decreasing order of hardness of the fi-Rays from those of compounds 3. Range its elementary constituents, but in the case of hydrogen there exist deviations from this rule. of the p-Rays. p-Ray Spectra might be expected that in the matter of absorption /J-rays would similar behaviour to a-rays.

Another method of counting j3-particles is based on the use of the point counter (p. 17), which is also used with advantage for the counting of a-particles, as mentioned on p. 21. In the case of ^-transformations we saw that one atom emits only one a-particle, and it is likewise found that in the transformation of a j3-rayer such as RaB or RaC each disintegrating atom emits only one j8-particle. From the combined amounts of RaB and RaC in equilibrium with 1 gm. of radium (2x3*7)xl0 10 j3-particles are emitted in each second (cf.

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