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By Richard Arnold Davis, David L. Meyer

The zone round Cincinnati, Ohio, is understood during the international for the considerable and lovely fossils present in limestones and shales that have been deposited as sediments at the sea flooring through the Ordovician interval, approximately 450 million years in the past -- a few 250 million years sooner than the dinosaurs lived. In Ordovician time, the shallow sea that coated a lot of what's now the North American continent teemed with marine existence. The Cincinnati region has yielded the various world's such a lot ample and best-preserved fossils of invertebrate animals akin to trilobites, bryozoans, brachiopods, molluscs, echinoderms, and graptolites. So well-known are the Ordovician fossils and rocks of the Cincinnati zone that geologists use the time period "Cincinnatian" for strata of an identical age in all places North the United States. This booklet synthesizes greater than a hundred and fifty years of analysis in this fossil treasure-trove, describing and illustrating the fossils, the existence conduct of the animals represented, their groups, and dwelling family, in addition to the character of the rock strata in which they're came across and the environmental stipulations of the traditional sea.

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Four Cincinnatians Professor, Yale University. National Museum. ology, D. who became leading professional paleontologists. B. John M. Nickles, U. S. Geological Survey, E. O. Ulrich, U. S. ) 20 A Sea without Fish Geological Survey. 1942. A. C. Charles Schuchert, Ray S. Bassler, U. S. 6. crops in where Urban out- Cincinnati, members Cincinnati of the School found their inspiration. A. Bellevue House, site on The the of the present Belle- vue Hill Park, ca. 1895. The section stratigraphic exposed the below Kope spans begins in Formation, the entire Fairview Formation and Miam- itown Shale (a small "step" below crest), is and topped by the Bellevue Limestone.

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