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Results: In low grade gliomas we found a low uptake or no uptake of TI 201 with a quotient of 1 to 2 in cantrast to the high grade gliomas showing a high uptake with a quotient of 11. In two patiensresidual tumor tissue was detected after surgery only in the TI 201 Eer although er and MRI showed no pathological signs. g. necrosis, cell accumulation, cysts. Comparing the tissue uptake with the autoradiographic findings we saw a good correspondance in both methods except one case of a pituitary adenoma.

Dur findings show that the Doppler- co 2 -Test in the basilar artery may be useful to estimate the prognosis of patients with VBI. Delcker A, Timmann D, Diener HC, Department of Neurology, University of Essen, FRG Duplex sonography and color coded duplex sonography (CCDS) have improved the evaluation of the hemodynamic situation in the vertebral arteries (VA) . A reliable differentiation between a normal vessel, hypoplasia, stenosis and occlusion of VA is possible by CCDS. Color flow systems make it easy to place the Doppler sample volume within the colored vertebral artery and to evaluate the Doppler angle for reliable measurements This possibility does wave Doppler not sonography (between 45° to 60°) of Velocity exist (CWD) spectra.

System nervaus on dysfunction showed electrophysiological involvement of the central or system was found in 11 These studies may be useful as therapy control parameters. Ievels and the exercise induced rise of serum Iactate before or during CoQ significant correlations with the daily dose of CoQ per kg body weight. CoQ serum Ievels significantly increased during treatment after 6 months but decreased again after 12 months of treatment but still signfficantly higher than before treatment. After further treatment for 2 more years in 4 patients the CoQ serum Ievels remained unchanged.

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