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This rfile is either an instructional and a reference on shell scripting with Bash. It assumes no earlier wisdom of scripting or programming, yet progresses quickly towards an intermediate/advanced point of guide. The workouts and heavily-commented examples invite lively reader participation. nonetheless, it's a paintings in growth. The purpose is so as to add a lot supplementary fabric in destiny updates to this record, because it evolves right into a complete e-book that fits or surpasses any of the shell scripting manuals in print.

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Strips out path name info (see 'basename') echo if [ −n "$1" ] then echo "Parameter #1 is $1" fi # Tested variable is quoted. 4. Special Variable Types 28 Advanced Bash−Scripting Guide if [ −n "$3" ] then echo "Parameter #3 is $3" fi # ... if [ −n "${10}" ] # Parameters > $9 must be enclosed in {brackets}. then echo "Parameter #10 is ${10}" fi echo exit 0 Some scripts can perform different operations, depending on which name they are invoked with. For this to work, the script needs to check $0, the name it was invoked by.

If the expression evaluates as zero, it returns an exit status of 1, or "false". A non−zero expression returns an exit status of 0, or "true". This is in marked contrast to using the test and [ ] constructs previously discussed. Chapter 7. Tests 41 Advanced Bash−Scripting Guide Example 7−3. /bin/bash # Arithmetic tests. # The (( ... )) construct evaluates and tests numerical expressions. # Exit status opposite from [ ... ] construct! " # 0 (( 5 > 4 )) echo $? # true # 0 (( 5 > 9 )) echo $? 2. File test operators Returns true if...

17] Example 7−4. /bin/bash a=4 b=5 # Here "a" and "b" can be treated either as integers or strings. # There is some blurring between the arithmetic and string comparisons, #+ since Bash variables are not strongly typed. # Bash permits integer operations and comparisons on variables #+ whose value consists of all−integer characters. # Caution advised. 3. =" work. echo exit 0 Example 7−5. sh: Testing null strings and unquoted strings, # but not strings and sealing wax, not to mention cabbages and kings...

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