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​​Fungal nanobiotechnology has emerged as one of many key applied sciences, and an green, as a resource of meals and harnessed to ferment and guard meals and drinks, in addition to functions in human health and wellbeing (antibiotics, anti-cholesterol statins, and immunosuppressive agents), whereas has used fungi for large-scale construction of enzymes, acids, biosurfactants, and to regulate fungal disorder in plants and pest regulate. With the harnessing of nanotechnology, fungi have grown more and more very important through supplying a greener replacement to chemically synthesized nanoparticles.

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The authors speculated that AgNPs produced extracellularly as well as by culture supernatant have better antimicrobial activity when compared to AgNPs synthesized intracellularly. More recently, Raman et al. (2015) and Owaid et al. (2015) described the mycosynthesis of AgNPs by the extract of Pleurotus djamor var. roseus basidocarps and P. cornucopiae var citrinopileatus. When the extract of P. djamor var. roseus basidocarps exposed to silver ions, the spherical AgNPs with an average size ranging from 5-50 nm could be obtained.

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