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By J. D. Pickard, N. Akalan, V. V. Dolenc, J. J. A. Mooij

This sequence, subsidized via the eu organization of Neurosurgical Societies, has already turn into a vintage. ordinarily, one quantity is released according to yr. The Advances part provides fields of neurosurgery and comparable components during which very important contemporary development has been made. The Technical criteria part positive aspects distinctive descriptions of normal approaches to aid younger neurosurgeons of their post-graduate education. The contributions are written through skilled clinicians and are reviewed through all individuals of the Editorial Board.

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Reproduced with permission from Kohl et al. [139]). (Lower panel ) Time courses of changes in oxidized haemoglobin (upper trace), cytochrome oxidase (middle trace) and deoxyhaemoglobin (lower trace) in a ventilated patient following severe head injury, obtained non-invasively with NIRS (Cheng, Prowse and Strong, unpublished). The traces show stereotyped combinations of increased HbO and decreased Hb, separated by an interval of some 25 minutes, and suggesting increased oxygen availability characteristic of CSD; ECoG was not available to verify CSD (Please see (page 15: Haemodynamic Response and page 31: Direct Detection and Characterization of Depolarisations in Humans, and Their Role in Human Traumatic Brain Injury).

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