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Arte, percepción y realidad

Tres enfoques distintos confluyen en este libro: historia y psicología del arte (Sir Ernst Gombrich), psicología (Julian Hochberg) y filosofía (Max Black). Estos tres distinguidos autores examinan en los tres ensayos recogidos en este volumen el problema de las percepciones de las imágenes y, en specific, de l. a. pintura y l. a. fotografía.

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5] Concept of the Beauty of Art After these preliminary remarks, we now come closer to our proper subject, the philosophy of the beauty of art, and, since we are undertaking to treat it scientifically, we have to make a beginning with its Concept. Only when we have established this Concept can we lay down the division, and therefore the plan, of the whole of this science. e. finding particulars in the universal, and the universal diversified in the particulars. INTRODUCTION 23 manner, as 1t 18 in a non-philosophical inquiry, must find its principle in the Concept of the subject-matter itself.

I) The Work of Art as a Product of Human Activity (a) As for the first point, that a work of art is a product of human activity, this view has given rise to the thought that this activity, being the conscious production of an external object, can also be known and expounded, and learnt and pursued by others. For what one man makes, another, it may seem, could make or imitate too, if only he were first acquainted with the manner of proceeding; 26 INTRODUCTION so that, granted universal acquaintance with the rules of artistic production, it would only be a matter of everyone's pleasure to carry out the procedure in the same manner and produce works of art.

God is spirit, and in man alone does the medium, through which the Divine passes, have the form of conscious and actively self-productive spirit; but in nature this medium is the unconscious, the sensuous, and the external, which stands far below consciousness in worth. Now in art-production God is just as operative as he is in the phenomena of nature; but the Divine, as it discloses itself in the work of art, has been generated out of the spirit, and thus has won a suitable thoroughfare for its existence, whereas just being there in the unconscious sensuousness of nature is not a mode of appearance appropriate to the Divine.

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