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By Victor Fischer

In 1956, delegates accumulated on the college of Alaska in Fairbanks to put in writing a structure for what turned the forty-ninth nation of the union. They produced a rfile that many have acknowledged used to be extra particularly acceptable to its time and position than the other country constitution.Victor Fischer, one of many delegates, describes this old occasion. rejoice the constitution's 50th anniversary and know about the writing of this crucial record.

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Candidates insisted that they were concerned only with the public good and represented no interests but that of the people and, in most cases, statehood. With few exceptions, candidates put before the voters their qualifications and emphasized their belief in such things as the basic principles of human rights and sound governmental organization.

When Dwight D. Eisenhower became President, he took a position in favor of Hawaii but opposed Alaska, even though only three years earlier he had spoken out for admission of both territories. In Congress, hearings on statehood legislation had been held since 1947, and support for it gradually began to build. S. House of Representatives approved a statehood bill for Alaska, but it died in the Senate. In the next Congress, action shifted to the Senate. An Alaska statehood bill was reported by the Senate Interior and Insular Affairs Committee in 1951.

Statehood legislation was next introduced in 1943, this time through Alaska's Delegate in Congress Anthony Dimond, who stated: 4 A demand repeated until Alaska became a state forty-seven years later, and perhaps the greatest unifying issue for statehood. Page 8 My eleven years in Congress have convinced me that Alaska will not progress substantially until it has statehood. This bill also died in committee, as did a companion measure in the Senate. In 1946, Alaska citizens for the first time had an opportunity to express themselves in an election on the question of whether or not they wanted statehood.

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