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Filled with eye-popping photos and much out proof, the entire questions you'll ever ask concerning the animal nation are responded during this exclusive relations reference.

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A Cockroaches don’t win any prizes for popularity, but they do win first place for speed. 5 in (75 cm) in just one second. At full tilt, their back legs do all of the work, and their other legs lift clear of the ground. They use their speed to scuttle for cover if they sense danger coming their way. Flea Q Who is the top animal athlete? A The cheetah is the fastest land Q What tiny animal takes giant jumps? A For their size, fleas are the best jumpers in the animal world. They manage these giant jumps because their bodies contain special elastic pads.

From time to time, they fan out to look for insects and other small animals. If anyone gets left behind, the others notice and let it catch up. Meerkats have sharp eyes and ears, and even sharper teeth. They are known for their ability to stand on their back legs for a better view. 55 Do insects migrate? Every year, millions of animals set off on regular journeys known as migrations. Generally, they travel between the places where they breed, and the places where they go to avoid cold winters, where food is easier to find.

But in some places, they are not what they seem. The Indian leaf butterfly, from southern Asia, mimics dead leaves to keep from being seen. Lots of other insects, including moths and leaf insects, use the same kind of disguise. 1 This Indian leaf butterfly is resting among some dead leaves. Its beautifully camouflaged wings make it almost impossible to see. Leafy seadragon 2 This is the same butterfly, seen from below, with its wings open. Its hindwings each have a tail that looks just like a leaf stalk.

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