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Gamers who are looking to pass at the assault will locate right here a whole, competitive repertoire in response to 1e4. Fifty-one version games-all contemporary and not earlier than annotated in chess literature-form the guide's center, and convey tips to deal with the huge diversity of attacking positions coming up from the instructed traces. With the underlying idea so basically defined, chess professionals will comprehend precisely why to put the items on convinced squares within the given constitution.

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Nos. , II. show how 7 Q-Q2, formerly considered midable, can be met in an interesting way. No. III. completely answers the move 7 B-Kz. Nos. , V. applies to 7 6-64, a move which for- requires care. to No. VI. shows how Black can equalize the game White 7 B-QKt5. Nos. VII. and VIII. contain the Defences of which lead The into to a line of play not of so-called German Defence, prominent notice in this result from this Some defence, Steinitz, an inviting character. which was first brought country through match between Zukertort and Blackburne, playing 4 ....

Kolisch was once introduced to a III. spiritualistic seance ; the following was the question put by him a medium move 9th the spirit tions, I of a slate in the : What Evans Gambit did not reply. hope we is to the spirit through the best Defence to Morphy's shall (9 Kt-B3). , what not only are we not spiritual, but is the best Defence. we have For also too great experience and, contrary to some fellow-authors, we know that we do not know. " able analysis in Part I. P-Q3 Defence soon became general, but, lo and behold, Steinitz adopted this defence against Lasker and the result was a grievous and So much so that in the last Ruy Lopez egregious failure.

12 way of meeting PETROFFS DEFENCE i I. - P-Q4 P-K4, P-K4 ; 2 KKt-B3, KKt-B 3 13 . PETJROFF'S 14 I V. KtxP DEFENCE THE QUEEN'S PAWN BISHOP'S OPENING i P-K 4 P-K 4 , ; 2 Kt-KB 3> Kt-QB 3 ; 3 P-B 3 The attack in this opening, though dangerous to an inBlack has experienced player, is not of a lasting nature. , when Black must adopt a different mode of defence by 4 P x P. with 3 , Variation III. and IV. move, 3 Kt-B 3 . show the play resulting from Black's 16 THE QUEEN'S BISHOP'S PAWN OPENING i I.

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