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By Rick L. Nutt, Randall Balmer

A ancient research of the how quite a few American non secular teams answered to the Vietnam battle, either in aid and in competition.

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15 Edward Leroy Long, Jr. also observed the tendency for the United States to express its conviction that it used power for moral reasons, unlike other nations. S. "16 The United States' idealism, which perceived national policies and actions as morally innocent (despite the view of many in the world that it intervened in the affairs of others to its own advantage), found expression in President John F. Kennedy's declaration that the United States sought not a Pax Americana established by force, but ensuring peace for all people.

133. S. to preserve the Nationalist government in China. S. power in world affairs. He wrote accurately of China and presciently of Vietnam, "If there is anything that we can contribute from the standpoint of Christian faith to a nation as powerful as ours, it would be a sense of its impotence and lack of majesty before the Supreme Majesty which governs the nations.... Nothing is more dangerous to a powerful nation than the temptation to obscure the limits of its power. " Cited in Ronald H. Stone, Reinhold Niebuhr: Prophet to Politicians (Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1972), 191-92.

Prior to the Gulf of Tonkin resolution, discussions of war generally turned on the question of nuclear arms. Outside the peace churches there was little actual opposition to the possession of nuclear weapons by the United States,49 but the realization of the widespread destruction that 47The approach to civil rights activism was nonviolent. Prior to World War II pacifists increasingly adopted the idea of nonviolent activism—that is, working for reform and actively opposing government policy deemed improper or immoral, rather than a more traditional passive withdrawal from society.

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