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By J. W. Czerkawski

The rumen is an item of research for lots of kinds of organic scientist, from anatomists to microbiologists, and extra lately even mathematicians. The advancements and use of assorted experimental recommendations have enabled a lot growth to be made in rumen reports. numerous chapters of this ebook pay attention to those innovations and ideas that stem from their program. Biochemical and microbial interrelationships are handled totally, with an emphasis at the built-in nature of the rumen's contents. The e-book concludes by means of contemplating the main fruitful techniques that would result in a extra entire figuring out of this advanced and effective organ. each one bankruptcy is an entire unit that may be learn and understood regardless of different chapters. A normal analyzing checklist on the finish of every bankruptcy, including extra special references, may help to release the coed into any particular sector of rumen experiences.

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Methods in Carbohydrate Chemistry, Vol. VI (1972) Eds. R. L. Whistler and J. N. Bethiller. Academic Press, New York and London. 4. The Biochemistry of the Nucleic Acids. (1972) J. N. Davidson. C h a p m a n and Hall, London. 5. Lipid Analysis. (1973) W. W. Christie. Pergamon Press. 6. "Review of the analyses of free fatty acids ( C 6 - C 9 ) " . (1975) G. C. Cochrane. J. Chromatog. , 13, 440. 7. "New laboratory methods for predicting the nutritive value of forage crops". (1976) I. M. Morrison. World Rev.

48 AN INTRODUCTION TO R U M E N STUDIES Jannasch and Mateles (1974) state that "systems with mixed cultures, mixed substrates or dispersed phases cannot a priori be expected to attain steady state". These authors single out rumen and declare that the rumen is not a chemostat, that in the rumen true steady state is never achieved and that the microbial growth will reflect characteristics of both batch and continuous culture. Yet, as we have seen in this chapter and elsewhere, the assumption of a steady state makes it possible to learn a lot about the system.

5-4 hr after feeding and then much more slowly (4-8 hr) (see Fig. 4). The logarithmic plot is linear during the latter time only. Empirical Equation The relation between the concentration and time in Fig. 3 can be found by a process known as "curve peeling", as follows. The linear part gives a simple exponential equation of the form C = Αζχρ( — μ1ί). The values of C for times t = 0 to t = 4 h r are calculated using this equation and subtracting from the observed concentrations at these times. A logarithmic P R O D U C T I O N A N D PASSAGE O F S U B S T A N C E S IN T H E R U M E N 3 5 41 Γ _l I 0 1 I I 2 3 a I I 4 5 I 6 I 7 -2*.

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