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Antenna Impedance Matching is easily written and coupled to its target market. using graphs is superb. The charts are invaluable. The reader can discover ways to fit an antenna utilizing this ebook. guides from the ARRL are continually a cut price.

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Above that spaci ng, the sharp ness of the main lobe increases; however, power also appears in additional lobes, red ucing the increase in main -lob e gain . This is illu strated in the azimuth plot shown in Fig 10·8 for a spacing of I A. The multi-lobed pattern can scmcumcs prove useful if yOUare tryin g La co mmunicate with regio ns at different azim uths at the sa me time . 10-4 Chapter 10 Max. S ee Flll (l. 5 '" M... 625 '" Feeding Collinear Dipoles As with e ther multi-clement systems. you must be conce rned 'With the effec ts of mutua l imped ance as you try to feed colline ar elements .

Repeat if the freq uency is 150 MH z. Repeat bo th cases if the antenna has an SWR of 3:1. ,. .. Chapter 6 Making Real Dipole Antennas _. @lIJtID "/ ___->~ - '- A dipole Is easy to make and works well for many applications. , , , 6-7 Table 1 Maximum Tenston for Stressed , Unl oaded, Antenna Wire. 8 3. I I.. 5 'Approximalely one-tenth the bfeaking load. Might be increased by 50% if the end supports are firm and there is no danger of icing. pan (see Ffg 6-5 ) for a given amount of tension can be est imated using (he nomograp h shown in Fig 6·6.

Hut for most type s o f los sy soil, the situation is as shewn in Fig 6- 11" ~~-_ . What About Other Lengths? A dipole with a le ngth of ap prox imately )J2 is oft en used becau se it provid es a convenient imp edance match to pop ular transmission line types. As noted in Tab le 4-1 and Figs 4-3 to 4 -5. dipol es of o ther lengths can also be used . but the feedpoin t impedance wi ll be quite differen t. These leng ths can al so re uMXI effec tively, as long as an appropriate matching network is provided to match the im pedance TO tbat req uired by the radio equipment or the uaosmtssion line.

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