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The compression is not the mirror image of the expansion and the volume changes described above are therefore irreversible. Suppose that the above cycle is repeated with the modification that Px is kept infinitesimally less than P on expansion and infinitesimally greater than P on compression. In this case, the values of dq e and dq c are given by dqe =Px dV= (P-dP) dV~P dV dqc =P dV dP d V may be neglected as it is of the second order of small quantities. Hence, in the limit when dP tends to zero, it may be concluded that dqe and dqc are equal and that both gas and reservoir are returned exactly to their original conditions on completion of the cycle.

0 MJ s- 1 must be supplied from an outside source of heat. One obvious application for thermochemistry is in the examination of combustion reactions relevant to fuels usage. 1 are the data used in these fuels examples. 7 per cent nitrogen was burnt in 60 per cent excess air (20 per cent oxygen by volume). After passing the combustion gases through a heat exchanger, they were led at 483 K to a stack. Find the rate of heat loss above 293 K. 0 This problem is concerned with the heat loss due to the expulsion of hot gases to the atmosphere.

9, although the proportionality constant is different. 10) This falls off with increasing r even more rapidly than the various attractive forces described above. 11) where A and Bare constants for a given system at constant temperature. 4. The collision diameter is roughly equal to the value of r for which E P changes sign and is slightly smaller than the position of the minimum, which represents the most stable, and hence most probable separation. The various interactions described above are commonly referred to as van der Waals forces.

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