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And passim in this text. kex(KID) : ru'tu limuttu Sa epiri la katmu ad-ar se-rim la ed-pu spittle (spat for) evil (purposes) which has not been covered by earth, spirit (lit. wind) of the desert which has not left the body (lit. is not blown away, Sum. not sent off) ASKT p. bar. mu un. AGna when you have called out my formula of release (lit. my "its ghost has been released"), (with interlinear translation a-ar-au i-di-ip his spirit has blown away) (put up a chair, set the silah (mng. ) on it, put a cloth on the chair, cover the simlah (mng.

6; Oppenheim Mietrecht 55. 1. membrane covering the fetus, amnion: see lex. section. *; Sum. lw. 2. DA] = [e-d]a-ak-ku MSL 3 p. 221 G. DA. HA = si-hi-il nu-nu Ea IV 293, cf. e-[d]a EXA. HA = si-hi-il nu-u-ni Ea I 78, also A 1/2:254. sa a-da- The proposed translations are based on the Sum. " The explanation in Hg. (nid libbi, "aborted fetus") indicates that the meaning of this old word had been forgotten. edammitu see edami s. edammi see edami s. ; (mng. ); SB*; cf. edamil s. ), with dupl. SBH p.

88 r. ) of the wind that has blown into you? (mng. : 1 GIS li-u we-de-nu one single board UCP 10 141 No. GI e-de-nu-u one single bracelet of gold (NA oracle). b) uddupu: Jumma SAL semrat KAR 195 r. ), cf. ibid. r. e : Sdrum §a in amelim ud-du-pu ina iniu littasi Iu la damiq PN, charioteer, one single horse in his possession - unsatisfactory KAV 31:25 (MA), cf. KAVL33 r. 3, 38:4, 131:6. may the evil wind that has blown into the man's eye leave his eye (again)! AMT 11, 1:30f; i-ta-dip ACh Samas 1 iii 35, cf.

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