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Looking for Trouble - Recognizing and Meeting Threats in Chess

This publication is written to handle an underemphasized region of chess education and examine, the identity of and response to--threats. for newbie and intermediate-level gamers, the research of strategies is paramount. just about all strategies books take the process of offering a place the place there's a pressured win, checkmate or draw.

Modern Chess Strategy

Sleek vintage bargains thorough, systematic research of using the queen, energetic king, exchanges, seven diverse makes use of of pawns, minority attackk, dynamic components, even more. Analyses of 129 nice video games that includes Capablanca, Alekhine, Lasker, Botvinnik, Reshevsky, Bronstein, Smyslov, Spassky, different masters.

The Alekhine for the Tournament Player

Alekhine's Defence is among the so much provocative openings on the black's disposal, perfect for match avid gamers searching for fascinating video games. all of the very important adaptations are coated during this e-book which makes use of a number of illustrative video games to illustrate the foremost innovations. a lot of those video games are from Alburt's personal perform of the Alekhine, during which he's an skilled exponent.

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If the attacker's king is far away from its pawns, then sometimes the defender can draw with a direct attack against these pawns. Example 67 Topalov-Gulko, Villarrobledo 2000 In Diagram 17 Black can rush in to attack White's pawns with his king, although care is still required to make a draw. 54 ... Ke4! Black must play this before White has a chance to play Bc2 or Kd3. 63 Starting Out: Minor Piece Endgames Diagram 17 (8) Black draws Diagram 18 (W) Black's king races back 55 Bdl Preventing ... Kf3, but there is another way in ...

Black draws here due to the very unfortunate placing of White's bishop: 1 Ke5 Ka8! 2 Kb5 Kb7 3 Ke5 (advancing to a6 or c6 gives stalemate) 3 ... Ka8 4 Bb8!? Kxb8! with a drawn king and pawn ending: 5 Ke6 Ke8 6 b7+ Kb8 7 Kb6 stalemate. Now let's examine one or two cases from practical play. 33 Starting Out: Minor Piece Endgames Example 35 Short-Lputian, Batumi 1999 (Diagram 50) Black draws by forcing a fortress pawn structure before racing back to the corner with his king. 59 ... Ke4! Forcing White to think about the defence of his h-pawn.

F4 Forced, as White was simply threatening Kg3. , intending Kh2, is a mistake, after which Black can escape with a draw with 56 .. f3!. f2-flQ, deflecting the bishop. Ke7 Black has to stay attacking the e6-pawn. 56 ... Kc6 allows White's bishop to relocate onto a better diagonal: 57 Bd3! Kd6 58 Bf5! h2 59 Kg2 with an easy win. 57 Bd5?! This move doesn't yet throwaway the win, but it is an indication that White 43 Starting Out: Minor Piece Endgames hasn't found the winning plan. White needs to 'lose a move' with his bishop in order to put Black into zugzwang.

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