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Cutting edge, data-driven tools offer extra rigorous and systematic facts for the outline and rationalization of diachronic semantic techniques. the quantity systematises, studies, and promotes a number empirical examine suggestions and theoretical views that presently tell paintings around the self-discipline of ancient semantics. as well as emphasising using new know-how, the opportunity of present theoretical versions (e.g. inside of variationist, sociolinguistic or cognitive frameworks) is explored alongside the best way.

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Figure 3. The place of white in HTOED 5. Semantic categories also override grammatical categories in TOE. In the printed version there are no grammatical labels since the editors thought that the part of speech was obvious from the form of the heading. However, in a user survey conducted prior to producing the online TOE, the addition of part of speech labels was one of the most commonly mentioned desiderata, so they were duly added. 50 Christian J. 02 Black, following the same order; as far as possible, the structure of parallel categories follows a common order so as to facilitate comparison within HTOED.

See Shindo 2009: 176) show that this ‘basic > figurative’ pattern of semantic change cannot be assumed in every case, and an alternative account for the motivation of this sense development is needed. Each of these case studies therefore highlights particular issues that arise when examining the semantic histories of individual lexemes and the relationship between theories of semantic change and recorded evidence. In each instance, the OED o¤ers an account of the history of the lexeme based on available attestations, but this is not intended to be an argument for the credibility of a particular sense development.

Now rare. a1475> II. Of the body or physical phenomena. 3. a. Of a woman or other female mammal: having o¤spring developing in the uterus. ). Freq. with with (the o¤spring), by (the male parent). a1425> In this revised entry, all three senses have di¤erent first dates of attestation, and the two branches of meaning have been reordered. A redefined version of OED2 sense 4 (‘Of words [. ) is now the first sense listed, but because of a new quotation the time di¤erence between the earliest attestations for this sense and for the concrete physical sense (now 3a) has become much smaller and is only around 25 years.

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