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This e-book addresses the query 'What is physics for?' Physics has supplied many solutions for mankind by way of extending his skill to determine. glossy know-how has enabled the ability of physics to work out into gadgets for use in archaeology, medication together with remedy, geophysics, forensics and different spheres very important to the great of society. The ebook seems to be on the primary physics of some of the tools and the way they're utilized by know-how. those tools are magnetic resonance, ionising radiation and sound. by way of taking a wide view over the total box it encourages comparisons, but additionally addresses questions of threat and gain to society from a basic point of view. This textbook has constructed from a direction given to 3rd 12 months scholars at Oxford and is written in order that it may be used coherently as a foundation for shortened classes by means of omitting a few chapters.

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The contribution to magnetic properties made by atomic nuclei is on a much smaller scale. In a magnetic field the magnetic moment of a nucleus with spin13 behaves in a similar way to an unpaired electron magnetic moment. However, its gyromagnetic ratio is three orders of magnitude less, and this is reflected in its energy and Larmor frequency. But what is the value of the nuclear spin, I? All nuclei with an even number of protons and an even number of neutrons are known to have zero spin, a fact rationalised, if not explained, in the shell model of nuclear structure.

With N unpaired electron spins per cubic metre the net magnetisation at a temperature T is N µ2B B . 29) M≈ kB T In general there is a factor gj compared with the pure electron spin g = 2, and there is a multiplet of states with their Boltzmann factors, all close to unity. We do not need the detail here. In any case there is a macroscopic magnetisation M which couples to the RF field. The magnetic dipole selection rule ∆mj = 1 ensures that despite the multiplet there is only one resonant frequency, although this will be proportional to gj and therefore depend on the atomic and molecular coupling.

Defining the total electronic angular momentum (in units of h ¯ ) as j = l+s, we have j 2 = l2 +s2 +2l·s, so that states that are eigenstates of l · s are also eigenstates of j 2 . In the classical or vector model picture in the absence of an applied field the spin magnetic moment precesses in the B-field of the orbital moment (and vice versa). Thus the z-components, ms and ml , are not constant, although their sum mj is. In the presence of a weak external field B0 the total j precesses slowly about the B-field axis with constant component mj .

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