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By Raymond E Kirk; Donald F Othmer; Martin Grayson; David Eckroth; et al

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3. What happens to the temperature in an adiabatic reactor during reaction? What additional information do you need to give a clear answer? 4. Do we need heat exchange to keep a reactor isothermal? Why? What is the difference between the clock time of a batch reactor (BR) and the space time of the plug-flow reactor (PFR) and continuously stirred tank reactor (CSTR)? Compare and contrast batch reactor and PFR design equation mathematically. The variation in the reaction enthalpy, −ΔHr, with respect to temperature is frequently neglected.

In the case of reversible reactions, it depends additionally on the concentrations of products. Often, in a laboratory experiment, one of the reactants is selected and its concentration monitored as a function of time or flow rate, depending on whether the reactor is batch or continuous. 10) It is often necessary to convert the rate of reaction of any component to that of another. Thus, a stoichiometric relationship between the 9 Chemical Reaction Engineering rates is required. 11) Conversion–concentration relationships Consider Reaction R3.

4: Chemical conversions in microscale via microfluidic reactors Process intensification is a very important concept that entered our vocabulary for improved raw material and energy economy. When the design constraints of chemical processes started to involve penalties for pollution, for excess use of energy, and very recently for CO2 footprints, they complicated the optimization processes and changed our approach to design significantly. At such a complicated level of optimization, the “art” component of design seems as important as the science component—never mind the increased cost.

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