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By Eeva-Liisa Kortelahti

Книга - сборник изящных дизайнов оплётов и цельноплетёных салфеток. От неё будут в восторге любители «торшон» и «клюни», а также те, кто ищет альтернативные методы крючку, спицам и фриволите в создании белоснежных ажуров салфеток.

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94 < 1. 06 ? 34 and the masses add up to 1. 06 > 0 One gets the same results for m∪ (θ1 ), m∪ (θ2 ) as with Dubois & Prade’s rule and as with the hybrid DSm rule. 06 to θ1 ∪ θ2 in the hybrid DSm rule, while in Dubois & Prade’s and disjunctive rules it is not. 9 We mean here non-normalized masses allowing weight of evidence on the empty set as in the TBM of Smets. 4. COMPARISON OF DIFFERENT RULES OF COMBINATIONS 27 A major difference among the hybrid DSm rule and all other combination rules is that DSmT uses from the beginning a hyper-power set, which includes intersections, while other combination rules need to do a refinement in order to get intersections.

Let Θ = {θ1 , . . , θn } be a finite set (called frame) of n exhaustive elements5 . The Dedekind’s lattice, also called in the DSmT framework hyper-power set DΘ is defined as the set of all composite propositions built from elements of Θ with ∪ and ∩ operators6 such that: 5 We 6Θ do not assume here that elements θi are necessary exclusive. There is no restriction on θi but the exhaustivity. generates D Θ under operators ∪ and ∩ 14 CHAPTER 1. PRESENTATION OF DSMT 1. ∅, θ1 , . . , θn ∈ DΘ . 2. If A, B ∈ DΘ , then A ∩ B ∈ DΘ and A ∪ B ∈ DΘ .

3, pp. 81-83, 1984. , A simple view of the Dempster-Shafer theory of evidence and its implications for the rule of combination, Berkeley Cognitive Science Report No. 33, University of California, Berkeley, CA, 1985. 2, pp. 85-90, 1986. 36 REFERENCES Chapter 2 The generation of hyper-power sets Jean Dezert Florentin Smarandache ONERA Department of Mathematics 29 Av. A. Abstract: The development of DSmT is based on the notion of Dedekind’s lattice, called also hyper-power set in the DSmT framework, on which is defined the general basic belief assignments to be combined.

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