What is the AIM of a finance coach?

As a financial coach and personal protection specialist my aim is to explore the type of money skills required to enable you to manage money and create a healthy relationship with money. In this, we explore approaches to understand your financial situations and teach you to live within your means, create a healthy cash flow and create goals for the future.

What benefits will I get from working with Aleka?

Our lives are taken over by busy lifestyles often working, looking after children or in business.

Some of the benefits of working with Aleka as a financial coach are:

• Aleka is a fully qualified professional advisor with the IFS Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice, NCASF Train Others and Money Mentor

• She is trained to bring to the surface and keep track of your financial matters;

• Aleka does this with trust, respect and best practice to ensure that there is a feeling of financial handle; and

• She takes the time to understand her client’s life experiences and behaviours in order to work with her clients to create a healthy financial position.

Do I need a financial coach if my finances are really difficult to assess?

This is even more reason why you should attend My Life Choices session. Aleka’s independent and professional advice will improve your financial pathway. Aleka works within ethical boundaries which means the advice and training is clear, factual and suitable, taking into account the clients circumstances. Her ultimate aim is to work with you to improve your cash flow, make savings and increase the quality of your life.

What should I expect from a money management review?

The individual should expect to gain and understanding of their situation by:

• Acquiring knowledge of solutions available;

• Gaining contact details and information on the support available;

• Building confidence to achieve goals set; and

What information do I need to share?

When you meet Aleka through My Life Choices you will experience that she is a relationship based advisor – therefore her heartbeat is about trust with her clients.<br>In order to provide a complete money management review she generally asks for all relevant information, bank statements, payment demands and a list of all income and expenditure on a case by case basis.

As Aleka works within the regulations of the FSA & OFT, you can expect her ethics on providing advice to be confidential.

She is committed to protecting your privacy and your data will only be kept for as long as necessary and will only be shared with your consent. Further information can be found in the My Life Choices Data Protection Policy.

Can I reach my financial goals without a financial coach?

After one session you should be on track to meet your financial goals. In Aleka’s sessions, I will work with you to

• Identify the areas for financial improvement;

• Recommend areas that shall save you money;

• Help prioritise your goals;

• Assess new ways to make financial adjustments; and

• Create a new programme of goals.

After our session – you will begin to manage your finances with a feeling of empowerment.

What type of people use a financial coach?

Aleka’s typical client varies from single women, families and new business owners. Aleka focuses on supporting her clients with a ‘money management’ reviews in all life areas to ensure a solid base to work from is established from day one.

Why do people typically approach a financial coach?

There are all different reasons and the most common reasons are:

• helping families achieve a balance of their cash flow and future planning;

• pregnant mums who need to ensure that their families are financially secure;

• debt management or money management reviews;

• a teenager planning for their future;

• business owners who need help with organising their money; and understanding their legal requirements

• saving for a house or holiday;

• protection and insurances;

• changing jobs;

• Income increases/Benefit entitlement

• refinancing homes; and

• Inheritance, divorces…….and more!

What do I need to do to book a session with Aleka?

You can access details of our training and consultations on the workshop pages.  We have a range of factsheets available upon request


You can call today to arrange a consultation on 0203 488 1906.