Money Diary

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I have developed this resource with three components. The first is the Diary The second the evaluation and third is the reference guide.. packed with tips, ideas and useful contacts.

As always I have ensured it has a fun, light and factual theme. The goal is to get you ‘Financially Fit’ This was a joy to produce. It is an essential tool for ‘knowing your money’. If you know what and how you spend you can make minor adjustments or life changing decisions.

The booklet has been distributed free via libraries and financial training partners and the first public requests via facebooks with worldwide deliveries as far as Jamaica and some to Spain, budgeting translates in all currencies

I use it with all my clients, many take it on as a challenge… Do I actually know what I spend?

The feedback from those using this Money Diary or their own method to test their expenditure and revise there spending budget is exceptionally varied…. All have found it useful, some eye opening as they have seen how much they actually fritter away each month and others are amazed by the savings they have made.


If you would like to get a free Money Diary, please fill the contact form or send a tweet to @alekagutzmore.

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