3 Steps to Business Bliss

3 Steps to Business Bliss

This program focuses on the essential credit control steps required when running a small business in the UK. It includes customer care, a sales cycle and basic company law.

Doing it right and right first time is very important in the small business arena. Money is Time and Time is Money; getting it wrong could be the beginning to the end for most!


This 4 hour workshop is designed for business owners to learn how to :-

– set up effective company systems that produce 1st class accounting data,

– manage their customer relations; and

– generate income time and time again.

If you are ready to make changes and stop the uncontrollable paper mountain, the headache of late payers and overdue suppliers join this workshop and unfold the order of success.

workshopBook your place today £35.00 per person.
Stationary and Light refreshments provided.

Next available dates
– NOV 2014 (10-2pm Weekdays)
– JAN 2015 (10-2pm Saturdays)

Webinar coming 2015!

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