Aleka talks to Tokie Laotan-Brown about Wills and Guardianship.

Aleka talks to Tokie Laotan-Brown about Wills and Guardianship.

on Mar 3, 2015 in News & Events | 0 comments

In Feb 2015 Aleka had the pleasure of talking to Tokie Laotan-Brown.  Author of the book “Recession Buster:10 Steps to Managing Your Household Budget”, as she wanted to hear more about Wills and the need for guardianship.

Aleka’s comments “It is such an important issue that I was delighted to be able to share as guest at  Tokie’s passion is to help help individuals understand and manage their household budgets and beat the recession.  Sharing a similar interest in the development and training of our communities” I shared a few pointers.  This is what I had to say on the topic…

Fact:  It is estimated that every 22 minutes in the UK, a parent dies leaving dependent children!

However, when you look around you at the friends, family and loved ones you face leaving behind, the conversations about Wills and financial planning, however morbid they might be, become all the more important.  Without a Will, your estate (that is everything you own and your financial assets such as your bank accounts) fall into “intestacy”.

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