Ssssh it’s a £5 secret!

Ssssh it’s a £5 secret!

Save money and get creative with a Secret Santa theme!
Set a Budget £5.00 – £10.00! Make up your own rules or use the traditional options.

Everyone gets a gift and the financial pressure is removed!  See what laughs you have with the gifts.

A Win/Win Situation that will include the whole family!


Now that’s what christmas is about sharing the love and the precious family moments.  It really doesn’t have to cost HUNDRED’s of pounds.  If you can afford it; spoil them rotten! if not be creative…  I will be available on the 19th & 30th Dec 2014 to give you the financial assistance you may need.  Send an email or give me a call to arrange that appointment!

I’ll  and back on the 5th Jan 2015 as those Self-Assessment Tax Returns 2013/2014 are looming; due in no later than 31st Jan 2015.

Take care and have a wonderful christmas break  x

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