Are you saving for a SUNNY day?

Are you saving for a SUNNY day?


It was a lovely sunny day, the hottest day in Aug but then again it’s the first day of the month, I sincerely hope there are many more to come. At the peak of the day I was walking over London Bridge, it was a beautiful sight, working in the city really can make a pleasant day.

I really don’t like rainy days? And I guess I’m not alone…

As a financial mentor, it’s my commitment to make sure your financial plan acts as a catalyst to your dreams reality. That dream may be a new house, a nice holiday or even early retirement; generally these are the things my clients approach to make happen.

Great, that’s what I’m here to do. The reason for this letter rather than a standard blog post was to point out a couple of important things that we omit or miss completely. A new concept or change in mind-set.

Firstly, although it’s common to hear the saying

“save for a rainy day”, I don’t think it does anyone justice, having this mind-set.

The last thing I want you to worry about are rainy days or major storms that could disrupt your lifestyle; I want you to focus on the positives.

So, that leaves you with just one major omission in our financial plan -Raining Day Savings!

Lets think about something different, Income protection plan – complete peace of mind that you have something in place, in case the worst happens and you income is affected or stops completely. If you do not currently have anything in place your income isn’t protected against the effects of ill health, accidents or in the worse case redundancy. ASK yourself…. “Who is going to pay the bills?”

You may have a back-up plan in place, such as savings but if the worst happens and you are forced to use them to cover the shortfall! Where does that leave your dreams and ‘sunny day’ plans?

Income protection can take this worry away, for as little as £20.00 per month. And let’s face it, you could spend that and more in just a couple of hours in the local bar or restaurant.  So the thought I leave you with – protect your income and continue to save for sunny days! Having a storm pass through your life shouldn’t mean your dreams are washed away!

To find out more, please give me a call. There is a lot more you could find out and you never know, it could be the most important call you ever make. Alternatively send me an email and I’ll provide you with a tool to research for yourself.

I do hope we have more sunny days.

Yours sincerely



Aleka Gutzmore

A G Finance HUB LTD

Giving you a Financial HUG

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