We work with a range of service providers, corporate bodies, and individuals and love joint ventures. We are passionate to share knowledge and use our Financial HUG programs to promote the raising need for financial capability training.

Service Providers

We have teamed up with housing, education and health providers to deliver training workshops. Our most successful responses happen in Libraries, Community Centres and with family based charities. In training, we identify solutions through case studies which can be tailored to our client’s individual circumstances. Confidentiality, during and after training is maintained at all times.

Corporate Bodies

We are often invited to deliver group sessions to women in the workforce who want to improve their financial future. We deliver our sessions through scenario based training to keep identities confidential. After each session a Free 25 minute consultation is offered to all our delegates. Alternatively you can Avoid the ‘Money Sickness Syndrome’ breaking out in your work place! We offer private in-house ‘financially fit’ sessions to your employees, this allows for employees to get advise without taking days off work and help alleviate stress related to personal money concerns.


We offer individual consultations to clients which include:

  • One to One financial consultations
  • Extended financial coaching
  • Money management advice and training

Our workshops are designed to the needs of the audience. Our programs can span over 30 minutes for a mini talk to a full 6 hour workshop to include the option of one to one sessions. Regardless of the time; we will provide inspirational and informative concepts in equal measures. They will always include an interactive and creative streak.

Fantastic! We will be pleased to arrange a suitable time to enable you to get the best from your current situation. Please make contact for more details… Or call for a chat on 0203 488 1906 There are more details about the individual mentoring available under the business and financial hug tabs…Please do explore.

The Financial HUGs most popular modules:


Personal Finances

  • The ticking time bomb ‘interest only’ mortgages

    – Insight into the dangers of under planning with a mortgage


  • Budgeting your way to freedom

    – preparing a household budget


  • Look after the Pennies:

    -Organising your money with an overview of bank accounts


  • Returning to work.

    – We explore the help available via support groups, benefits and the workplace. we illiterate the need to create an effective budget.


  • Am I protected?

    – We explore the different personal protection products available and Why..

    – We look at the needs for wills and guardianships.

A full list of modules available upon request….
* Sessions start at £150.00 for 10-15 participants. When you book a resources pack will be required in addition to the training cost.